Easy under Braid

Now, this hairstyle is so easy, your daughter can do it herself in no time! (After all, even mums need a break every once in a while.) This sweet little hairstyle is chic, pretty and bound to make your little one the belle of the ball, or rather, the class. (Though, really, this shouldn’t be the kind of thing she should be worrying about. All that she should be working towards are her grades.)

What You Need

Hair elastics
Bobby pins

How To Style

Part her hair on one side.

From the side of her parting with more hair, pick up a medium sized chunk of hair, braid it right till the end and secure it with a hair elastic.
Pick up another section of hair from beside this first braid and repeat the previous step.
Pancake these braids by tugging them apart to make them look wider.
Pull back these braids and pin them under the hair at the back of her head to finish off the look.

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