Super Quick Yoga Routines And Poses For Better Sleep And Why You Need Them

Get ready to face any day with these five basic yoga workouts and poses that induce restful sleep to revitalize the body, mind, and soul!

Human beings spend 33% of their lives sleeping, and if this activity were to decide the quality of life in the modern world, the quality index would be dismal indeed!

Tremendous amounts of stress and anxiety riddle our lives apart from the multitudinous physical ailments that torment us in our hectic lifestyles. This leads to very poor quality of sleep or sleep deprivation altogether, and most of us end up getting much less than the required eight hours of sleep every night.

Women are especially affected by the lack of sleep, as recent scientific studies show that they need to rest more than their male counterparts – at least 20 more minutes, according to Britain’s leading sleep expert, Professor Jim Horne, who is also the Director of the Sleep Research Centre at Loughborough University, UK (1).

Effects Of Lack Of Sleep

Major side effects of lack of enough rest or sleep deprivation include:

Physical Effects

Heightened levels of stress
Weakened immunity
Weight gain
Chronic heart disease
Rapid Aging

Mental Effects

Memory problems
Impaired cognitive ability

Are You Getting Enough Sleep? Let’s Find Out!

So, now that you know what the harmful effects are in the long run, you need to determine if you are suffering from sleep deprivation already and take action.

Here’s how – Take this questionnaire, and if the answer is ‘yes’ to more than three of these questions, you are suffering from lack of sleep! But don’t worry, we’ll tell you how to remedy that as well.

Do you wake up feeling tired?
Are you more irritable than you used to be with every little thing bothering you more than usual?
Do you have difficulty falling asleep?
Do you wake up often during the night?
Do you find it difficult to get back to sleep after waking up during the night?
Do you sleep less than 7 to 8 hours each night?
Do you forget phone numbers and other things which you never once seemed to forget before?
Do you have trouble learning new things lately?

Relaxing Bedtime Yoga

5-Minute Yoga Routine For A Good Night’s Sleep | Class FitSugar – By Chelsea Kruse

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